franz martin olbrisch

Franz Martin Olbrisch (* 1952) studied composition at the Berlin Academy of the Arts (1979?85). He then taught composition and studio engineering there from 1988 to 2008 and composition at the Electronic Studio of Berlin Technical University from 1999 to 2008. He has also taught at the Darmstadt Holiday Courses for New Music (2004?6). Since autumn 2008 he has been professor of electronic music at the Carl Maria von Weber Academy of Music in Dresden. ?



Roaming, tarrying, roaming

'A view of art based on communication shows things in their layered multiplicity and reveals possibilities transcending our acquaintance with the world, thereby offering viewers fresh insight and knowledge instead of binding them to a world of imaginary longings.'

(Franz Martin Olbrisch)


Franz Martin Olbrisch's spaces are shopwindows on human perception ? dense, fine-meshed creations into which the visitor tangibly plunges, thereby becoming part of the creation, part of the almost tactile interplay of sound, image and motion, of memories and associations, of projections and reflections. Olbrisch, drawing on the sociological theory of Niklas Luhmann, creates self-contained systems of communication, multi-dimensional spaces marked out by models of referential thought. Space, in his terms, is defined by place and time, encompassing architectural, historical and social features as well as personal experiences on an equal basis. By 'measuring, surveying, accumulating and layering', Olbrisch discloses the simultaneities hidden within a space, sensually spreading out their intersections and parallelisms and transferring them artistically into a synchronous amalgam. more


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