jens brand + hans w. koch

Jens Brand (* 1968) studied at the Münster Academy of Fine Arts. In 1991 he turned to experimental music and Klangkunst under the influence of Phill Niblock and his experiences with performances at Het Apollohuis (Akio Suzuki, Junko Wada and Paul Panhuysen). Today he lives in Cologne, and he also works as a curator. ?

hans w. koch (* 1962) studied music, history and physics at the University of Education Weingarten and composition with Johannes Fritsch at the Cologne University of Music (1988?95). In 2007 he was a visiting professor of composition and experimental sound practices at the California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles. He received the Award of Distinction at the Prix Ars Electronica in 2008. Today he lives in Cologne. ?



Critical barbs, barbed critiques

'I view art in general as the shaping of thoughts in contrasting materials. Personally, I prefer conceptual approaches - more thought, less material.'

(hans w. koch)


It's a silly situation, of course: two rubber gloves limply suspended, each pulled over a hair dryer. Occasionally one of the hair dryers switches on to inflate the glove, which then extends an empty rubber hand toward its opposite number. hans w. koch also assigned a brief text to this slapstick puppet play, as if to offset its silliness with portentous philosophising: '... an old story: the wind blows wherever it wants and whenever it wants. sometimes a meeting just happens.' more

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