ulrich eller

Ulrich Eller (* 1953) studied painting with Herbert Kaufmann at the Berlin Academy of Art from 1977 to 1983. In 1994 he was appointed professor of ?sculpture and space, interdisciplinary artistic staging? at Hanover Polytechnic, and in 2001 professor of sound-sculpture and sound installations at the Kurt Schwitters Forum of the same institution. Since 2004 he has taught the same subjects at the Brunswick Academy of Fine Arts. He lives in Norderheistedt in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. ? www.ulricheller.de


Material research

'My works are a sort of compositional game, not in the sense of registers, chords and tempos, but as a dialogue between material, form and sound.'

(Ulrich Eller)


Ship containers, snare drums, metal cabinets, paper bags, seashells, pebbles and boulders, rakes, pianos, electric guitars and miniature Korean loudspeakers: these are the materials Eller has used in the past to create his objects. He is interested in altering and remodelling musical instruments. Most of all he attaches sensors to the tines of rakes and other tools. These objects are then used to scrape the surfaces of windowpanes, boulders and paper and to translate them into sound. Eller transforms interior spaces, coaxing from each space its own distinctive sound. He is an artist and researcher who discloses previously unknown realities and deals with the relations between mass and sound, interior and motion. more


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