information for organisers

"Klangkunst - A German Sound" is a mobile exhibition, available to all interested educational and cultural institutions world-wide. It can be mounted wherever there is a minimum space of 3 x 3 meters and a power socket.

The cost of the production of the compact exhibition including packaging and information flyers (German/English) plus fees for the artists were borne by the German Music Council / Contemporary Music Sponsored Projects. No loan or rental costs will be incurred by institutions and organisers who wish to host the exhibition.  Costs will be limited to the forwarding costs. The organiser has to take care of insurance and supervision of the exhibition during exhibition times.

An introductory lecture can be held by one of the curators. For further information please feel free to contact us personally. 

produced by

Deutscher Musikrat gemeinnützige Projekt-
gesellschaft mbH


Zeitgenössische Musik

Weberstraße 59, 53113 Bonn

P 02 28 - 20 91 170
F 02 28 - 20 91 200

curators of the exhibition

Stefan Fricke,

Johannes S. Sistermanns