a mobile exhibition on sound art in germany today

It happens regularly in life, sometimes in art and always in Klangkunst: the eye and the ear are equal players, and thus in league with the other senses. Klangkunst, or "sound art", is situated at the borderline between (contemporary) music and the (present-day) visual arts. It experiments with sounds and spaces, both interior and exterior. It often makes use of everyday objects and plays with situations from normal life. For more than two decades Klangkunst has been alive in the German-speaking countries, allowing people to experience customary objects in new and different ways, to discover unusual things and to explore them at their own pace with their own world of perception. Klangkunst is sensual and playful, mysterious and inquisitive.

The artists represented in this traveling exhibition of installations have made major contributions to the history of Klangkunst in Germany. They responded to the idea advanced by curators Stefan Fricke and Johannes S. Sistermanns – namely, to create a small, mobile Klangkunst space with their works and to bring it to life for the eyes and ears. All the objects, whether separately or together, are self-contained works of sound art. As a visitor, you can eavesdrop on them, play with them, even build them yourself. Catalogues and a netbook allow you to deepen your knowledge of the beautiful and amazing world of Klangkunst – a world that will become your temporary home the moment you step into this space.

Trailer produced by nmzMedia at "TonLagen" Music Festival, Hellerau/Dresden

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curators of the exhibition

Stefan Fricke,

Johannes S. Sistermanns