frauke eckhardt

Frauke Eckhardt (* 1968) trained as a stone sculptor from 1993 to 1997, after which she studied sculpture and dance-sculpture at the Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts and audio-visual art at the Saar Academy of Fine Arts (1997?9). In 2001 she received a scholarship to Berlin University of the Arts. Her work won the first prize at the Bautzen Autumn Salon in 2006.




Do-it-yourself music

'Listening enraptured to the throbbing dance of the cobblestones and their seams'

(Frauke Eckhardt)


It was Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) who left behind the well-known dictum 'Everyone is an artist'. He also coined the phrase 'Everyone is a musician' in the early 1980s during a round-table discussion on Austrian Television involving, among others, the composer György Ligeti (1923-2006). This latter fact has passed fully unnoticed. Most people consider music something they love, need and admire, but they fail to explore their own creative potential in music. Instead of toying and experimenting with the acoustical potential themselves, they tend, with alarming and ever-increasing frequency, to leave music-making to the virtuosos and experts. It is precisely this social deficiency, which also marks an artistic defect in our society, that forms the starting point for Frauke Eckhardt's art. more


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