tilman küntzel

Tilman Küntzel (* 1959) studied free art with Henning Christiansen and Claus Böhmler at the Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts (1985?90) and musicology at Hamburg University (1992?3). In 1993 he received a German Academic Exchange Scholarship to study with Allan Kaprow at the University of California at San Diego. In 2002 he won a German Klangkunst Prize, and in 2007 he was a visiting lecturer in Klangkunst at Berlin University of the Arts. Today he lives in Berlin. ? www.tkuentzel.de



The spot beneath the grand piano

'Ever since I began to study art at the Hamburg School of the Visual Arts in 1984 I've delved into the question of art reception, especially as it relates to aural perception ? or, more precisely, to the interplay between the auditory and visual faculties. My installations should thus be viewed less as acousmatic creations than as multimedia assemblies demonstrating a system for audio-visual signal generators.'

(Tilman Küntzel)


Born into a musical and academic family, Küntzel learnt to play an instrument more from a sense of duty than from passion. But neither violin nor piano nor flute had a lasting impact on his artistic voice. One of his most vivid childhood experiences was listening to Baroque music, preferably beneath the grand piano during his family's household concerts. It was his favourite spot in the house between the ages of five and eleven. Here he enjoyed the grumbling of the basses and identified with sound through listening. more

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